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We offer a complete landscape garden design service for gardens of all sizes, from the concept stage right through to completion. As a business with over 30 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent level of service from experienced team members, using the highest quality materials and tools available.

Our landscape design service can transform an area into a functional outdoor space that can be enjoyed for years to come. We use trusted UK suppliers to bring the highest quality materials to our customers, ensuring that they are durable, long lasting, and can withstand the winter elements whilst being easily cared for in the summer.

As well as offering a complete landscape design service, we also offer any of the services on an individual basis, or any number of them to create a unique design package to suit your needs.

Garden design can be overwhelming with a huge range of materials and contractors available, we are here to take out the hard work, and provide a complete design service from start to finish, whilst you have the reassurance you are in good hands.

From small garden design to large commercial spaces, we are happy to offer a free quote and consultation, call us on 01270 619 147.

Our services:

Garden Walls & Brickwork

Garden walls can be built for a number of uses, whether it is an ornamental garden wall or a retaining brick wall, we can build walls of any size and shape.

Walls and brickwork can be used to separate or surround different areas of your garden, they can be designed with a function in mind if there are different levels to your garden and can be used to incorporate steps. Garden walls also provide aesthetic appeal, complimenting your patio and paving, creating raised flower beds, or unique garden features.

As well as fencing and hedging, a wall can also be used as a boundary of your garden, which may fit better with the overall look of your property.

Turf Laying

Take the hassle and time out of growing your lawn from seed, we can lay turf suitable for all grassed areas and have a new lawn ready for you in no time. Our garden lawn laying service provides a quick, easy and fuss-free way to a healthy, long lasting lawn to be enjoyed year after year.

A newly laid lawn can be the centrepiece to any garden, and will be for many years with the correct care and maintenance. Our professional and experienced team will take out all of the hard work for you by preparing the ground, excavating and levelling, and laying new turf.

We have provided new turf for homeowners across Cheshire, from small terraced houses to large estates and new housing developments. As well as garden lawns, we also provide turf for border edging, children’s play areas, grass pathways and more.

Artificial Grass Lawns

An artificial grass lawn is a great option for a low maintenance garden, play area or dog park, providing all the benefits of a natural lawn but with less mess.

Further benefits of artificial grass is that it is easy to clean, particularly useful if you have children and pets playing in the same area, and it also takes away the risk of provoking any grass allergies.

Artificial grass lawns can be cleaned and easily maintained without the worry that the lawn will die or be damaged from cleaning products.

Our service has been used by customers throughout Cheshire, by homeowners, local councils and schools.

Fencing & Gates

With a huge range of garden fencing to choose from, offering privacy, security and aesthetic appeal, you can be sure you’ll find the right fencing for you. Our range includes wooden fence panels, metal estate fencing, concrete post and panel, driveway and garden gates, as well as a range of decorative and bespoke fencing for a unique fencing design.

Garden fencing can be used as a property border, providing a barrier for security and privacy, as well as being used as a decorative feature to separate parts of the garden, or trellis to support climbing plants.

We also have a selection of driveway and garden gates which can be matched to new or existing fencing.


A patio can be the focal point of a garden, creating a functional space to use throughout summer and enjoyed by the whole family. With a range of paving materials, a unique design can be created in any colour and shape, incorporating pathways, steps and different levels.

A well designed patio area can be a practical and attractive feature of your garden, using the right materials and preparing the ground will ensure you get the most out of your patio, and with a bit of simple maintenance it can last for years to come.

From large areas to small back yards, we can create a patio design an outside space for any customer, giving you the ideal area to relax or entertain family and friends.

Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone paving is a popular choice due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal, and its hard wearing and naturally frost-resistant properties. Natural paving materials can create both traditional and more modern designs, depending on the material and design used.

One of the best and most popular choices of natural stone for patios is sandstone, due to the paving stones being long lasting, hard wearing, and easily maintained. Slate is also a popular option due to its durability and low water absorption, which protects it from frost, and it looks great for classic and modern garden design.

Natural stone paving is textured with a rough finish, meaning the surface will stay slip-free in rain, snow or icy conditions.

There are a range of natural materials to choose from, in a variety of shapes and colours that can be created into a unique design for every customer.

Indian Stone Paving

Indian sandstone is a great choice for a patio or pathway, being a natural stone it gives a rustic, textured look and is strong enough to withstand the elements.

The natural properties of Indian sandstone paving make it a firm choice for many homeowners. It is strong and durable, textured which provides more grip, low maintenance and ages well.

Unique designs can be created with Indian sandstone, to give you the ideal outdoor space that will last.


Pergolas are an attractive addition to your garden, as well as providing a number of functions. Pergolas can be designed as the focal point of the garden, providing an ideal space for outdoor dining. They can also support climbing plants, allowing you to control the level of shade.

We offer a range of pergolas to suit all garden styles and sizes, which can be freestanding or attached to the house.

As well as providing an ideal space for a patio, pergolas can also be used to enclose a seating area, allow pathways to pass through, or provide an area for climbing plants.

We provide a bespoke pergola design service to ensure you have a long lasting, functional structure that fits in with your garden.


Decking is another multi-functional feature that is a beautiful addition to your garden. Whether it will be used for a seating and dining area or a base for a play area, we can design a unique deck to suit your needs.

As a popular addition to any size garden, decking can be used as an alternative if other types of landscaping is not possible.

A decked area can incorporate many features including steps, different levels, planters, storage and seating. The possibilities are endless, and we are happy to provide a full design service to help you get the most out of your garden.

Sleeper Borders

Railway sleeper borders add a sophisticated finish to your garden. Garden sleepers have a wide range of uses, and seamlessly blend in with the overall look of your garden.

Sleeper edging can be used to contain flower beds, or to create raised beds and planters. They can also be used as an alternative to paving in steps, pathways and kerbing.

Sleepers have become a popular feature and the list of ways to use them is endless. If you’re not sure how to incorporate sleepers into your garden, our team are happy to help.

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