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How to Protect Your Fence During Winter

Prepare your fence for winter

Repair or Replace

Strong winds, frost, and snow can damage timber fence panels, regularly checking the panels and repairing or replacing the damaged sections will help to prevent the damage spreading further, and will extend the life of the fencing.

Check the fence posts

Posts generally need to be 3 feet deep to ensure they are sturdy and protected from the frost. Make sure debris and leaves aren’t left to build up around the base as this can soak up moisture and damage timber posts.

Rain adds a lot of moisture to your garden, so be sure to check that the posts are stable and straight, this will ensure the posts are able to take the weight of the fence and also will help to minimise any panels being damaged or forced out in high winds.

Overhanging branches

Branches can add extra weight on top of your fence, even more so if covered in snow. Branches that are hanging over your fence can also cause more moisture to drip onto it, or cause it to discolour.

Treat the wood

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your fence is to apply a weather-proof paint or stain before the cold and wet weather sets in. This will help to protect the wood from low temperatures and rain. It is recommended to treat the wood every 12 months.

Plan ahead

If you’re thinking of a new fence, don’t wait until it is too late! We offer a range of styles for domestic fencing, all with different benefits. Think ahead as to what style you would like, if you want timber or concrete posts, and how much you will need.

Give us a call to speak to a member of our team about our domestic fencing, and we can arrange a free quote.

We supply and install:

  • Post & panel (timber or concrete posts)
  • Picket fencing
  • Feather edge fencing
  • Hit & miss fencing
  • Metal railings

Our fencing team also provide further fencing services for agricultural, wildlife, industrial and commercial needs.

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