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How to Look After Your Garden During a Hosepipe Ban

The UK has had its driest start to a summer since 1961, leaving our lawns, grassland and agricultural land to turn brown under the heat of the summer sun. So far we’ve had around 20% of the expected summer rainfall, the little rain we’ve had just isn’t enough to stop a hosepipe ban!

The effect is clearly shown on NASA satellite images, the first being in May, and the second more recently in July:

Images of UK before and after heatwave showing brown areas

United Utilities announced the ban recently, due to be introduced on 5th August, you can read more on this here.

Restrictions Of The Ban

If your garden is looking a little dehydrated, you can still water it, just within the restrictions outlined by United Utilities:

  • Use a tap to fill a bucket or watering can
  • Use grey water, water that has been used before, from the bath or sink for example
  • Use water from your own supply, such as a private borehole.

Until the ban comes into effect, United Utilities have advised that we avoid the use of hosepipes wherever possible, main restrictions include watering gardens, washing vehicles, filling paddling pools, cleaning paths and surfaces. Using hosepipes increase water waste, and most of the restricted activities can still be done with a bucket, to minimise waste. A complete ban on hosepipe use will come into effect as of 5th August, apart from a few exceptions to the rule including being a blue badge holder. There are many other ways to save water in the home, including taking shorter showers and turning taps off as you brush your teeth.

To check if your area is affected you can enter your postcode with the address checker on the United Utilities website.

Garden Rescue

If you’re looking out onto your garden and seeing a dry brown patch of grass where your once luscious green lawn was…don’t worry! Lawns can withstand weeks of no water, and will bounce back after the rain returns to our shores.

Plants will still need regular watering, using a watering can will help to reduce waste, and having a water butt to collect rain water is always a good idea to save getting it from the tap.

If you had planned on jet-washing, or hosing down patios or surfaces, that may have to wait!

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